Wow! Spinoza!

Philosophy? Meh! So what does that feel like? You have to tune In. And here’s why…

Wow! Spinoza.
This week again short
but hopefully sweet. I take another run
at some of the ideas in contemporary Cognitive Science,
making a personal connection with what it feels like to think,
what it feels like to take on the ideas
of enlightenment philosopher Spinoza for example,
to understand them from our 21st Century frame
and to feel a physical
empathetic connection with them
even after they have been around for so many centuries.

We are after all embodied selves.
Perhaps it is time to make that part of our everyday rationale.

Philosophy? Meh! So what does that feel like?
Well, to find out
you have to tune In.
And here’s why…

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When The Map doesn’t fit…

One writer’s struggle with philosophical paralysis, with cognitive dissonance.
When uncertainty becomes real.

This week, contrasting a position of enlightened rationalism, with findings of our contemporary cognitive sciences, we hear Ant Biggs describe a personal struggle to come to terms with the results of a philosophical quest.
What happens when you do find your cognitive landscape undermined, or challenged; if you are to stay “true to the truth”.
When you find out that maybe you are not what you thought you were… let alone that things are not as they seem.
Where does anyone go from there, when it really sinks in?

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