COW Episodes

Meditation, What’s The Deal?

Hi there and yes welcome to This week exploring mindfulness, meditation, what is it? why is everybody doing it? and what can it do for you? Can it...

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Language, Logic and Escaping The Cage

Hi there and welcome to cow the pocast. online taking you on a trip into the strange and wonderful landscape of this here podcast. This week delving into linguistics...

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Entrance Not For Everyone! For Madmen only!

Hi there and welcome to cow the pocast. online I’m Ant Biggs and I’ ll be your host for the next 20 – 30 minutes or so taking you...

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Cognitive Bias and The New Orthodoxy

So this week, Cognitive Bias and The New Orthodoxy. We’ve touched on the concept of cognitive dissonance in an earlier episode. The psychological discomfort we experience when we are...

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What’s Real, What’s Not and So What?

The age old philosophical problem of idealism versus materialism explored. How narrative defines our reality. How our reality may be deceptive. How physics is a narrative, one among many...

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