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Puppies, Violence, and the Battle for your Attention… Click Here

You are listening to episode 13 of COW - can of worms - the podcast. Ironically titled 7 Acts of Sickening Violence, Involving Puppies... click here or To What...

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New Worlds, Feeling Good, and The Biology of Free Speech.

New Worlds, Feeling Good and The Biology of Free Speech. Episode 12 of COW - The Podcast. How conversation, free speech and a close examination of our personal beliefs...

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Tackling The Brain Hack – What’s Making You Tick?

Ant Biggs explores the cognitive, narrative landscape; A human condition of unavoidable complicity, as both hacker and hacked is exposed. A landscape full of danger that appears to be...

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Free will, Emergence and the Biological Event Horizon

Recognising the attachment we have to the power of truth, whatever that may be Ant Biggs takes a look at the important dilemma presented by the philosophical concepts of...

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Beauty, Truth And the Eye of the Observer

This week a tangled web and at the center of it ideas to come back to time and again. a look at the world physics, and its recent history, the quest to...

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