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Hi there Yes, thank you for dropping by yes this is cow-the podcast and I am Ant Biggs… Um, awkward but I have nothing for you, other than this of course.
It’s coming, trust me…
I’m recording the first batch of episodes as we speak, and editing the audio,
I’ve got some juicy titles for you…

Why We Should Care, Why We Don’t And How We Could
Is Boredom Is Killing You? – Blame Evolution
Cognitive Bias And The New Orthodoxy
And How about
What’s Real, What’s Not, And So What?

COW- the podcast is about what goes when we’re not looking,
what goes on behind the screen…
It’s about what makes us tick
and how we can change things up,
it’s about Why people get so stuck,
or can’t be seen to change their minds or even apologise,
(look at politics)
This is about why we are going to carry on doing what we do regardless
of all of the warning signs in the world screaming Stop and think

So this is not a self help programme, or a set of rules.. This is thinking, out loud,
about the tools we need to make life work for us,
about taking control.
But if we do want to take control its how do we choose
How do we choose what we want to be boss of.

This is researched material, based on
science and philosophy, neurology, psychology, on evolution, biology, economics and politics.
It’s all covered
It’s about all of the narrative we take daily for granted.
and its about the people out there tackling this stuff, and
what exactly it is they are saying.

It’s about David Fuller’s Rebel Wisdom, the Weinstein, Brothers, Sean Carroll, Doshin Roshi, Jordan Peterson, Gabor Mate…
Check them out if you don’t know them

Or you can hang fire
And I’ll bring it all together for you in a neat little drive-time package… once every week.

OK, So I’m working hard on a release date for the mid – January and looking forward to a good xmas,

Hope that works for you

In the meantime, Sign Up – Please Just below with your email address and I’ll update you soon as…

Thanks for listening…

5 comments on Coming Soon – Sign Up for Updates

  1. Chrissy Woods says:

    Yes, I’m interested.

    1. Ant Biggs says:

      Thanks Chrissy. Have a good christmas!

  2. Ant says:

    Anybody feels they’d like to say hello? Please do…
    And tick the box below if you’d like to get on the mailing list…

  3. Jeff Hamble says:

    Was wondering how long before you got this together… sign me up!

    1. Ant says:

      All good Jeff. Thanks mate

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