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Things are changing.

And what do we see, when we wake up?

Every day a world of

Waste and of Poverty,
Of Anxiety and Division,

And in the media, making it oh so real –

Now it’s Yellow Jackets,
It’s Yemen,
It’s the Alt-right, Trump or Brexit

But there are people out there, challenging all of this.
Throwing out the ideology
Unpacking the arguments and getting right back into the dna.

The likes of

Rebel Wisdom
Jordan Peterson
Bret Weinstein
Robert Sapolsky

Gabor Mate
Sean Carroll
Sam Harris
Dave Rubin
and Russell Brand even

Breaking out of the cognitive biases that keep us stuck,
and out of it there’s a new conversation starting to emerge.

This is
It’s quantum mechanics and philosophy
it’s psychology
and it’s

All brought together,
just trying to make life better.

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