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Wow! Spinoza!

Hi there, welcome to Cow - The Podcast episode 18. I've entitled it Wow! Spinoza. This week again short but hopefully sweet. I take another run at some of...

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When The Map doesn’t fit…

This week, contrasting a position of enlightened rationalism, with findings of our contemporary cognitive sciences, we hear Ant Biggs describe a personal struggle to come to terms with the...

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Narrative, What Narrative?

This week - Narrative, What Narrative? The story of a personal philosophical quest to found a moral basis for society. Through the eyes of Descartes and Hume, our world...

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Big Data, Robo-Nanny, and The Battle for The Buttons

The Social Contract is broken. The state can no longer uphold its side of the bargain. For deep state to maintain power, for the good of all, it must...

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American Inventors & The Cure For Extremism

In this 14th episode of COW - The Podcast, Ant Biggs explores the links between Mainstream Politics, Media And Extremism in order to open up a discussion about the...

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Puppies, Violence, and the Battle for your Attention… Click Here

You are listening to episode 13 of COW - can of worms - the podcast. Ironically titled 7 Acts of Sickening Violence, Involving Puppies... click here or To What...

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New Worlds, Feeling Good, and The Biology of Free Speech.

New Worlds, Feeling Good and The Biology of Free Speech. Episode 12 of COW - The Podcast. How conversation, free speech and a close examination of our personal beliefs...

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Tackling The Brain Hack – What’s Making You Tick?

Ant Biggs explores the cognitive, narrative landscape; A human condition of unavoidable complicity, as both hacker and hacked is exposed. A landscape full of danger that appears to be...

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Free will, Emergence and the Biological Event Horizon

Recognising the attachment we have to the power of truth, whatever that may be Ant Biggs takes a look at the important dilemma presented by the philosophical concepts of...

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Beauty, Truth And the Eye of the Observer

This week a tangled web and at the center of it ideas to come back to time and again. a look at the world physics, and its recent history, the quest to...

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Meditation, What’s The Deal?

Hi there and yes welcome to This week exploring mindfulness, meditation, what is it? why is everybody doing it? and what can it do for you? Can it...

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Language, Logic and Escaping The Cage

Hi there and welcome to cow the pocast. online taking you on a trip into the strange and wonderful landscape of this here podcast. This week delving into linguistics...

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Entrance Not For Everyone! For Madmen only!

Hi there and welcome to cow the pocast. online I’m Ant Biggs and I’ ll be your host for the next 20 – 30 minutes or so taking you...

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Cognitive Bias and The New Orthodoxy

So this week, Cognitive Bias and The New Orthodoxy. We’ve touched on the concept of cognitive dissonance in an earlier episode. The psychological discomfort we experience when we are...

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What’s Real, What’s Not and So What?

The age old philosophical problem of idealism versus materialism explored. How narrative defines our reality. How our reality may be deceptive. How physics is a narrative, one among many...

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Why We Care, Why We Don’t and How We Could…

This weeks episode is entitled why we care, why we don’t and why we should, Caring is basic human nature,

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Neural Plasticity, Trauma Bonding and The State

Here we are again people, Hi there and thank you for tuning in. I’m Ant Biggs. This is COW – the podcast, where I try to make some kind...

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The Opener

I guess some of you will know me so that’s great. And you’ll be here for the gossip, firstly and foremost, I guess? So yes, here I am, this...

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